Best Home EV Chargers for Every Situation


Electric vehicles (EVs) have been in the news a lot lately. The projections are pretty promising for the EV market. While only 7% of U.S. drivers currently own an EV or hybrid, 39% of the remaining drivers are now seriously considering a switch to electric according to a recent Pew Research Center survey. 

Electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming more common in general, but all-electric vehicles are experiencing the biggest growth. In 2016 there were less than 300,000 all-electric vehicles registered in the U.S. However, by 2020 that number had grown to 1.1 million. 

When you start thinking about owning an electric vehicle, charging is one of the first things that comes to mind. An EV comes with a charging cord, but it won’t get you very far at just 2-5 miles per hour of charging. Before you drive your EV home you want to have a home EV charger in place. 

Which electric vehicle charger will work best depends on your living situation and needs. Below is an overview of the different types of EV chargers that are available and models that currently have the highest ratings. 

Top Smart EV Chargers

These days there are smart versions of every electronic product, including electric vehicle chargers. Smart EV chargers are Wi-Fi equipped and offer remote control, automation and scheduling features on top of helping minimize energy use. 

  • ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle Charger – Settings for 16-50 AMP, plug-in or hard-wired, weatherproof NEMA receptacle
  • Siemens VersiCharge Smart Grid – Hardwired or plug-in, pause and delay functions, compatible with all EVs
  • Enel X JuiceBox 40 – Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, load balancing between units, adjustable amperage

Top Outdoor EV Chargers

Not every electric vehicle owner has a garage for indoor charging. When the charging happens outside you’ll want an outdoor EV charger. This type of electric vehicle charger is made to be used out in the elements, but always make sure to check the ratings if you live in a climate that experiences extreme cold or heat. 

  • ClipperCreek EV Charging Station, Level 2, HCS-40 – 25ft cable, fully sealed NEMA 4 enclosure, safety certified with ETL listing
  • Bosch Level 2 EV Charger – Off switch for zero energy consumption, NEMA 3R weather-resistant, 3-year warranty
  • Pulsar Plus Level 2 Charger – Incredibly small design, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, adjustable capacity from 16A to 40A

Top Portable EV Chargers

Do you want to make sure you can charge up wherever you go? Then you may want to make room in your trunk for a portable EV charger. Portable EV chargers aren’t hardwired. They plug into an outlet.

  • JuiceBox 40 – Wi-Fi enabled, UL and ENERGY STAR certified, high powered 40 AMP
  • Tesla Mobile Charger – Plugs into any 120-volt outlet, Interchangeable wall connector and NEMA plugs, under $300
  • Morec Level 2 EV Charger – Extremely compact design, IP66 rating, charges four times faster than Level 1 charger

Top High-Amp EV Chargers

Let’s be honest. Speed is a top consideration when someone is looking at electric vehicle chargers. The time it took to fully charge used to be a downside of EV ownership. But engineers have been hard at work designing high-amp EV chargers that fill up a battery fast. 

  • Tesla Supercharger (for businesses) – Charge up to 200 miles in 15 minutes, charge notifications, app for monitoring
  • EVoCharge EVSE Level 2 – Charges up to 8 times faster than Level 1, indoor and outdoor rated, compatible with all EVs and PHEVs
  • Blink IQ 200 – 80 amps, 65 miles per hour charge, energy management capabilities
  • ClipperCreek HCS-80 Level 2 EV Charging Station – 11 times faster than Level 1 charger, ENERGY STAR certified, lockable vehicle connector

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all home EV charging solution, but Verde Energy is a green energy supplier for all EV owners across the Northeast and Midwest. Use your zip code to find renewable electricity plans from Verde Energy.