As an energy supplier, Verde Energy offers great residential electricity rates on 100% renewable energy. Our electricity rates are fixed. We are not a subsidiary of a utility company, nor do we rely on a network to increase our sales. We offer fixed electricity prices while making it easy for residential consumers to live sustainably and support renewable energy resources.

Verde Energy offers its customers complimentary online energy tools and advice, along with an extensive selection of products to improve energy efficiency. Verde Energy is committed to the belief that wiser energy usage can positively impact both the environment and your wallet. We don’t lure you in with temporary energy rates that spike overnight. Remember, Verde does not charge a switching fee and our dedicated customer care team is available to support you every step. 

Your local utility company will continue to fully service your account and send you just one monthly energy bill. At Verde Energy we want to assist you in maintaining a well-balanced room temperature and being energy efficient within your home throughout the seasons.



When switching electric providers, you want to sign up for a fixed-rate electricity plan. During your search, it's important to keep in mind that your timing may be the most important contributor to actually finding an electricity plan that fits your needs. With the market rates for electricity prices fluctuating on a daily basis, we know that pinpointing the best time to switch may seem difficult. At Verde Energy, we want to provide you with information to determine the best time for you to score a fixed electricity plan.

  • Fixed Electricity Rate
  • Help Consumers Live Sustainably and Support Renewable Energy Resources
  • Provide Customers Complimentary Online Energy Tools and Advice
  • No “Temporary” Electricity Prices that Spike Overnight
Common Questions


Verde Energy offers 100% renewable fixed electricity plans. Verde is committed to purchasing renewable energy credits, called “REC’s” above your state mandates to support the energy that you use. REC’s include energy from solar, wind, or other renewable energy sources. Learn more about the efficiency of solar and wind energy.  

A fixed-rate plan is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – you lock in a rate for electricity for a set period of time. Verde Energy generally offers fixed electricity plans starting at 6 months, 12 months, and up to 24 months.

A variable-rate electricity plan is just what it sounds like – the rate you pay for electricity can vary from one month to the next. These rate changes are usually caused by changes in how much it costs to generate and deliver electricity to your home or business. 


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