About Verde:

With over 250,000 residential and business customers across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Illinois, Verde is a fast growing 100% renewable energy supplier. In these states where energy and gas is deregulated, customers have a choice on which provider they choose to power their homes. Verde takes advantage of deregulation and uses it to offer customers 100% green energy at a fixed monthly rate that makes it affordable and convenient to go green with no surprise rate changes.

Verde offers fixed plans which fit your budget and help the environment. There is no cancellation fee associated with any products

Verde and Boston College:

Verde is a proud sponsor of Boston College as well as a strong supporter of the Boston community and has been for over 10 years now. With almost 10,000 Boston area customers currently being served by Verde, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality renewable energy possible. Since beginning our partnership with Boston College, we have been able to assist hundreds of Bostonian in switching to reliable, 100% green energy. We are proud to represent not only Boston College, but the lively community of Boston as a whole on our mission to provide clean energy.

Why Join Verde:

No Fee to Switch

Verde does not charge any fee to switch suppliers.

No Sign up Fee

Verde does not charge any sign up fee.

No Cancellation Fee

There is no cancellation fee charge with Verde plans.

Rebate Offer

Verde offers up to  $100 in Visa prepaid card as part of the rebate program to all new customers when they sign up for electricity. Read more!

Residential & Small Commercial Plans


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