Eco-Friendly Activities to Try This Year

Volunteers planting

April is a beautiful time of year when all the plants are in full bloom after a long winter and animals are beginning to become more active. It’s a reminder that our world is full of life and how much care is needed to protect it.

That’s what Earth Day is all about. Every year on April 22nd we celebrate our planet’s diversity of life and bring attention to green initiatives that help preserve nature. 

Ever since the first Earth Day in 1970, the event has grown, and it’s been credited with kickstarting the environmental movement. Back then people were beginning to notice the effects of pollution and the negative impact industrialism was having on the environment. People were just starting to understand the effects that it had on their health.   

Today, more than 50 years after it began, Earth Day is celebrated in over 190 countries and over 1 billion people participate. It’s come to be a symbol of the collective consciousness people have about the environment and our impact. It’s a reminder that we can do better to protect our planet because after all, it’s the only one we’ve got. 

Want to celebrate Earth Day this year? Here are four ways to show support and get in touch with nature on April 22nd.

Take an Outdoor Tai Chi, Meditation, or Yoga Class 

Activities like tai chi, yoga, and meditation calm your mind so that you can pay more attention to what’s happening at the moment. An outdoor class will help get you in tune with nature as you take in the sights, sounds, smells, and textures of the natural world. By the end of the class, you’ll have a better appreciation for all that Mother Nature gives us.

Plant a Tree

It may sound cliche, but planting a tree is one of the most environmentally friendly things you can do on Earth Day. Although efforts to reduce deforestation have expanded and consumers are more aware of its effects, worldwide we still have a problem with the loss of trees. Experts estimate that approximately 46% of trees have been cut down due to deforestation. 

Think one tree won’t make a difference? A single tree can clear 1 ton of carbon dioxide from the air over its lifetime. It works out to roughly 48 pounds of carbon dioxide removed every year. 

The biggest question is where to plant a tree. If you own your home and have a yard that’s the easiest option. You can also choose to plant a tree in an urban neighborhood that lacks green space. A local park or the Parks Department may have a tree-planting program you can join or donate to if you aren’t able to attend a tree-planting event. 

Reach Out to Local Representatives

child's hands while drawing Ecofriendly theme on paper.You can make a lasting change by becoming an active citizen that speaks out for environmentalism. You can start at the local county level or reach out to your state representatives. 

Find out which of your representatives support environmental causes and if there are any current bills being debated that are related to protecting the environment and reducing pollution. There may also be activist groups that you can join to make your voice heard with the officials who create laws, regulations, and environmental protection measures. 

The Wilderness Society and the Sierra Club have put together useful guides on how to contact legislators about climate change issues. The guides are meant to help you find your state senators and congresspeople in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, but the information is useful when contacting state legislators as well. 

Sign Up for a Green Energy Plan

As a consumer, you can use energy without worrying about the impact if you source electricity from the right resources. Verde Energy is among a growing number of retail electric providers that specialize in supplying homes and businesses with clean energy that doesn’t create a carbon footprint. 

Every kilowatt-hour is generated by renewable resources rather than coal and gas that leads to harmful pollution. By harnessing the power of the sun and wind, electricity can be generated in a clean, sustainable way. 

As the demand for energy gets higher and concerns over the stability of existing grids grow, more attention has been put on green energy alternatives. The Energy Information Agency (EIA) recently reported that the use of renewable energy has grown year-over-year since 2015. At the same time, coal use has dropped to its lowest levels in more than 40 years.

Clearly, the use rates show that one-by-one consumers who switch to a renewable energy plan are making a difference. Every person that moves away from a standard plan sends a message that we want better, healthier options. And today those options exist. Find out why over 250,000 customers have switched to a green energy plan from Verde Energy. With fixed rates and cost-effective options, we make clean energy possible for more people!