How to Help the Planet on World Population Day

World population

World Population Day is Sunday, July 11th this year. It’s a day that focuses on the fact that we are all one, interconnected population, and equality for all is something we all have to work towards together. 

There’s another pressing need that is always in the spotlight on World Population Day. The world population has continued to grow at a slow pace, and the need to conserve resources and energy has also grown. 

Even though growth has slowed overall since the 1970s and some researchers believe the world population will basically flatline by 2100, that doesn’t negate the fact that any growth continues to stretch our resources. In less than 80 years the world population is expected to go from 7.675 billion people to roughly 10.9 billion people. That’s about 25-30% more people that need food, water, shelter and utilities. 

But if there’s one thing that World Population Day is about, it’s how each one of us can make a positive difference in the lives of others. Here are a few things you can do to help out.

Educate Others About World Population Day and Its Causes

One of the best things you can do is spread awareness about the issues that are affecting the world population at large. The more aware we all become the more we can work together to solve the problems we all share as humans. 

  • Send out a World Population Day text to your inner circle with a link to the United Nations website. 
  • Have a World Population Day get-together where you celebrate the various backgrounds of all the guests.
  • Ask your boss if you can email the office a reminder that it’s World Population Day and ways to give back. 
  • If you have kids, World Population Day is an opportunity to talk with your kids about cultural diversity and disparities around the globe. 

Knowledge is power, and the only way to affect the greatest change is by knowing what changes will make the biggest difference. Don’t stop researching and getting involved after World Population Day is over. Try to make it a habit to stay informed about the world issues that are impacting us all. 

Save the Planet With Greener Choices

We’ve all heard about the growing need for conservation. World Population Day is a reminder that we can overcome insurmountable challenges when we work together. Never was that truer than climate change. It’s a challenge that all of us face and that none of us will solve on our own. 

There are still a few ways just about everyone can reduce their carbon footprint even if you’ve already made energy improvements at home. 

Get Fewer Shipments

You can blame it on Amazon’s 2-day shipping if you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that product shipments are taking their toll on the environment. It’s estimated that 1 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions are generated by the global shipping industry every year. 

When you place orders with online retailers like Amazon check out the shipping options. If there’s an option to receive your order in fewer shipments that alone is a big help in reducing carbon emissions. And if you are patient enough for 5-day shipping you can cut the carbon emissions by 30%.

Get Outdoors More

When we’re inside we’re using energy. On top of that, you’re less likely to appreciate the beauty of the world around you. Study after study has shown that getting outdoors is highly beneficial for our health. In addition to encouraging physical exercise, it also lowers stress levels for improved mental health. 

Make it a point to get outdoors for at least half an hour every day. That’s 30 minutes less of using electronics and power-hungry devices. And just going to parks will help. Every time you visit a state or national park your entry fee is helping to preserve that wonderful piece of nature.

Opt for a Renewable Energy Plan

Right now there’s a huge transition in how energy is produced. We’re beginning to move away from pollution-generating fossil fuels and diversifying energy production with more renewables. As we do, renewable energy sources will become available to more people. 

Both solar and wind energy are increasing to the point that now electric providers have solar farms of their own. That means their customers get the benefit of using clean, renewable energy without investing in a solar array or windmill of their own. Signing up for one of these plans only takes a few minutes, but you’ll be doing the entire world population a favor every time you turn the lights on. 

Verde Energy can help you make a difference this World Population Day and every other day of the week with electricity plans that are powered by clean, renewable energy. We’re dedicated to bringing energy that’s better for the world to as many people as possible!

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