Lowering Energy Use as Natural Gas Prices Push Utility Costs Higher

In the fall we saw natural gas prices beginning to increase as pandemic conditions eased and the demand went up. It was worrisome given that chillier winter temperatures historically push demand even higher and production wasn’t back to pre-pandemic levels. 

Fortunately, November was more mild than expected and the winter isn’t looking as bleak as predicted. Still, the forecasts do predict December and January will be much colder. When that happens natural gas prices are expected to increase, which impacts electricity as well since roughly 40% of electricity is generated by natural gas.  

Analysts at Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co. report that both residential and commercial demand for natural gas is highly likely to increase by the end of the year, but there is a highlight for supporters of renewable energy. In early November wind energy generation was at record highs. It’s helped to support the grid and reduce reliance on natural gas.

The unpredictability of natural gas prices can be frustrating, especially for customers that support green energy. So many outside factors go into the cost of natural gas, but there is something that you can do as a consumer. You might not always be able to lower the rate, however you can lower your energy use. 

Here at the Verde Energy blog we regularly share our best advice on how consumers can reduce their energy consumption to help the planet and manage monthly expenses. To make it even easier this winter we’ve put together a master list of our top energy saving posts. With this one resource you’ll find dozens of practical ways to reduce energy use when it’s cold out! 

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You can always contact the Verde Energy customer service team directly if you have questions about energy consumption. Our representatives can provide information about deregulation, make it easy to switch from another provider or help you renew your plan. A reliable fixed rate green energy plan is the best way to ensure you aren’t negatively affected by rising gas prices.