No cancellation fee and no switch rate games. New customers are eligible for special promotions on select plans. Simply great electric and natural gas rates.
100% Renewable and Green EnergyIt’s quick and easy to sign up for Verde Energy’s 100% renewable clean energy rates. There’s no cost to sign up with Verde Energy and you can cancel anytime without a cancellation fee. Your local utility company will continue to fully service your account and send you just one monthly bill.

About Verde

Join the over 250,000 residential and business customers who have already switched to Verde Energy USA!

Verde service area includes: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. If you are in any of these states you have the choice to select your electricity and/or natural gas provider.

Verde Energy USA is an active purchaser of RECs(Renewable Energy Certificates) for its 100% renewable energy offers which helps to support “green energy”. Green Energy is very sustainable and environmental friendly. It helps support better environment for next generation.

Choose your Supplier

Thanks to deregulation, you can choose your own electricity and natural gas supplier.

Same Billing

Get the electric and gas services you want. You’ll continue to receive one bill from your utility. Your energy supplier will be an extra line on that bill.

No Service Interruption

Your utility will continue to deliver your natural gas and electricity. There is no interruption of service, ever!

Same Service

In the event of an emergency, your utility will continue to respond to all service calls.

Make the Right Choice

Verde Energy offers the best customer service guaranteed. Most Verde plans have no cancellation fee or early termination fee. This makes it easy to cancel at anytime you want. See how your next bill will reflect your budget and stay relaxed after signing up with Verde Energy!

Lock in a competitive, fixed electric/gas rate with no base fee! Select plans have rebate offer on them which is better for your wallet. Learn more about rebates here.


Give us a Try! For 30 days after enrollment, you can cancel your Verde contract plan and we won’t charge you any fees!