Verde Energy has become the electric supplier of choice for hundreds of thousands of customers. Residential and small business customers are enjoying competitive rates for 100% renewable energy on their electric bills. These customers cover a wide range: from urban condos to large homes in the suburbs and rural areas, and from small retail stores to large office and industrial buildings.


“I found the Verde Energy rate to be very competitive and the cash-back savings made it even more attractive.”
“I feel good about enrolling in a 100% green energy offer and wish other people would also do this to help the environment.”
“Having a fixed rate puts my mind at ease particularly during high energy usage periods.”
“I felt compelled to write to you about one of your customer support reps. In all my years dealing with customer service I have never had one that holds a candle to her.”
“I do not plan to move away from green energy and have referred several friends who are now Verde customers.”
“Another company called me to switch to another company but I am staying with Verde Energy because I like their rates and service.”