Small Business Electricity Plans Become Green

Small Business Electricity Plans Become Green

The Big Demand for Small Business Green Electricity Plans  

For some time there’s been a lot of talk about big corporations going green and becoming carbon neutral. But what about the 30.2 million small businesses in America? 

Many small business owners are interested in offsetting their impact as much as possible too, and the interest is growing. Back in 2012, an Office Depot survey found that 61% of small businesses were actively trying to be more green. Since then that number has steadily grown and now over half of the businesses are not only going green, they are actually increasing their eco commitments. 

Being more eco-conscious is a matter of small businesses wanting to do their part to clean up our environment and customer demand. Even the Small Business Administration (SBA) has noted that customers want small businesses to be green

And when customers make their preferences known, the companies that can meet them are the ones that get their business. 

Why a Green Electric Plan is a Must for Small Businesses

One of the most substantial things a small business can do is switch to a green energy plan. All small companies use electricity to power their business, but not all of them have the means to install a solar panel system. Green energy plans are a viable alternative that doesn’t require upfront costs and could be just as cheap as a traditional electric plan.

Green energy plans for businesses vary in how green energy is generated. In addition to using different types of renewable resources, green energy plans can also be either partially or fully powered by renewable resources.

Not surprisingly, green energy plans for small businesses are a fast-growing segment of the energy sector. Retail energy providers in deregulated energy markets recognize the demand from consumers that trickles down to businesses. 

If you’re questioning whether getting a green electric plan is a good idea, then consider these statistics:

  • A Deloitte study found two-thirds of customers want businesses to use electricity that is at least partially supplied by renewable resources.
  • A CDP report noted that businesses could save $2.1 trillion by utilizing low-carbon technology.
  • Furthermore, 86% of businesses told CDP efforts to go green make the company more financially competitive.
  • A Neilsen survey revealed that 75% of Gen Y and Millennial consumers are willing to pay more for services and products when the company is environmentally conscious.

Study after study proves that incorporating eco-friendly practices is highly beneficial for businesses. It tells customers that you value the environment we all share and want your business to have a positive impact. 

A green electricity plan is a great step towards becoming carbon-neutral. Other ways that small businesses can reduce their eco-footprint include: 

  • Reduce paper use or go paperless
  • Use recycled paper if needed
  • Allow employees to work remotely when possible
  • Use CFL and LED lights around the office
  • Make an effort to recycle as many things as possible (and know the proper method for recycling so it doesn’t end up in the landfill)

Going green is good for brand image and the bottom line. In addition to attracting eco-conscious customers, many green initiatives reduce costs in the long run. That’s a win-win for any small business. 

Compare Electricity Providers Online to Find the Best Small Business Plans

There’s never been a better time for businesses to invest in going green. Renewable energy sources are more abundant than ever before. 

Online shopping for rates to compare electricity prices and services is highly recommended for all customers, including small businesses. If you’re looking for a plan, check out Verde rates for small businesses. Our small business commercial energy plans prove going green can fit your small business needs. 

Visit the website to take advantage of online electricity sign up and natural gas sign up that can be completed in minutes. Need personal assistance? Call our customer care team at 1-800-388-3862 to learn more about our green energy plans and the markets where we service small businesses.