100% Renewable Energy

It’s quick and easy to sign up for Verde Energy’s 100% renewable energy rates. There’s no cost to sign up with Verde Energy and you can cancel anytime without a cancellation fee. Your local utility company will continue to fully service your account and send you just one monthly bill.

World population

How to Help the Planet on World Population Day

World Population Day is Sunday, July 11th this year. It’s a day that focuses on the fact that we are all one, interconnected population, and equality for all is something we all have to work towards together.  There’s another pressing need that is always in the spotlight on World Population Day. The world population has continued to grow at a slow pace, and the need to conserve resources and energy… ...

How Did Renewable Energy Start?

Humans have always relied on the power of renewable energy. Thousands of years ago, people were using waterwheels—today we would call this “hydropower”—to harness the energy generated by flowing rivers and streams. A waterwheel works by means of a rotating shaft and paddles. The turning of this mechanism transforms the kinetic energy of moving water into mechanical or (today) electrical energy. The energy produced has, over millennia, helped us mill… ...
Concept zero waste conscious consumption flat lay. Panoramic image, top view of hands holding wooden flower, moleskin notebook with craft cardboard cover, reading glasses and earphones on wood.

How Do You Measure Your Carbon Footprint?

We hear a great deal today about the carbon footprint we, our homes, and our businesses generate. For many people, the term sounds a little abstract and removed from daily life, but it’s actually completely down-to-earth. Your carbon footprint is the total measure of the greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide and other harmful gases released into the atmosphere) generated by your lifestyle choices. A carbon footprint measures not only the number… ...
energy audit pros and cons

Should You Get a Home Energy Audit in 2021?

The concept of a home energy audit hasn’t been around long, but it’s definitely caught on. As demand for energy and concerns over the reliability of electricity grids have grown so has the prevalence of home energy audits. The idea is simple. A professional who is trained to identify energy waste and possible improvements will go through the entire home notating what they find. The auditor will then give you… ...

Life-Saving Electricity Safety Tips

What You Should Know About Electricity Safety? Electricity is all around us all the time. It’s an invisible power source that both makes the world easier to live in and more dangerous. Oftentimes, we’re so used to electricity that we forget what a danger it can be, which is clear from the statistics. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) reports that every year around 1,000 people die from electrical-related injuries.… ...
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